The MeasureOD® System is the Software solution for measuring the outside diameter of tubing and/or wire related products. This Software tool was developed and optimized to take advantage of the Keyence LS-9501P Controller paired with a Keyence P/N LS-9XXX Optical Micrometer.

This advanced version of the Software includes the capability of detecting and counting lumps and neckdowns (circumferential surface defects) during the measurement process.

Learn more about the MeasureOD® Software with Fault detection by watching our Youtube video.

Lump and Neckdown Detection MeasureOD® Software Main Form

Lump and Neckdown Detection MeasureOD® Software Main Form

The Lump and Neck Down version of the MeasureOD® Software offers the following features:

  • Directly connects and automatically programs the Keyence LS-9501P controller for the required measurement function
  • User access to key Defect Calibration variables thus allowing the User to define Lump and Neckdown criteria
  • High speed lump and neckdown detection capability with the ability to detect a defect at or about 0.25 inch long with a line speed of 1,500 feet/minute (450 meters/minute). A slower line speed will allow a shorter defect length.
  • Exporting of the measurements to Microsoft Excel in a “Ready to Print Format”
  • Time Domain Graphical results of the measurements (Global and Local)
  • Real time Statistical Analysis of the Measurements (Global and Local)
  • Software operates in English and/or Metric Units